My Background


Sydney Majka is from Rochester, New York. In elementary school, she began experimenting with artistic expression through photos taken on her iPod. She was soon gifted with a camera, lenses, lighting equipment, and photography classes. Photography allows Sydney to be drawn out of her shell to explore and express her original point of view. Sydney’s work has been featured at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Start Here Gallery, where her image won the 2018 Digital Media Award for Photography. Her work has also been exhibited at Image City Gallery, Through the Lens where her submission was selected as the favorite of all nine gallery partners. Sydney is also the recipient of the Principal’s Art Award and showcase at Penfield High School. More recently, several of her photos were selected as finalists in the 2019 Umbra International Photographgy Awards. Those images can be seen on the "Awards" page on this site.

Digital Photography


Digital photography is an incredible avenue of art that gives a photographer complete control over an image. The possibilities when shooting digitally are endless and often result in incredible photographs because it allows for trial and error so the image can really be perfected. 

Film Photography


Film is a harder technique to master than digital because you cannot see the image that was taken until it's been developed. In order to shoot film, a technical understanding of a camera and the image being made is necessary. While film is challenging, the photos, when taken correctly are so different and beautiful. Film photos have a special look and feeling to them which make them truly unique.